Why Bentek

Public Sector is What We Do and Who We Serve.


Created to solve your problems and make your work life easier


We are committed to making improvements based on your feedback


Personalized experience to simplify the most complex scenarios


We protect you and your employees like family

Our Tailored Approach

Consultative and Flexible Implementation with 100% Success, unlimited Support.
Yes, we said UNLIMITED! Dedicated Service Teams and Full Transparency.

Key Differentiators

• White-glove service model managing the initial implementation and annual renewal processes.

• All-inclusive support model is Bentek’s only support model. Clients always have access to our team of benefit experts.

• Bentek is a proprietary platform developed and supported by our own innovative software engineering team.

• Developed deliberately to be the one stop solution for benefits administration.

• Full client transparency including client engagement in the development of new features and public product roadmap.

• Comprehensive core offering so clients don’t have to pick and choose what features they need; they get them all!Initial data audits are conducted to resolve enrollment, eligibility, and payroll discrepancies.

• Payroll audit feature is included as part of our core services because we know deduction accuracy is critical for both employees and administrators.

"Bentek is the Whole package, organized, keep us on track, follow up regularly from implementation to 24/7 support and renewal.” During implementation and beyond I know that you guys are there. Even when I lost my benefits person who was the major Bentek user, I wasn’t worried because I knew I had Bentek."

Kennie Wells, MS, PHR

Assitant Director of Human Resources

Town of Palm Beach