Administration Guide

Version 6.6.0 Released on Dec 27, 2017
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Table of Contents

Session Time
Search Options
Find Employee Search Bar
Employee Search Options
Record Filter – Status
Record Filter – Member
Record Search – SSN
Record Search – Employee ID
Record Filter – Client
Record Search – Name
Search History
Single Record Search
Multiple Record Search
Search Results
QE History
Beneficiary History
Account Info
Reset Password
Toggle Administrative Status
Employee Records
Employee Record Options
Additional Record Options
Adding New Records
New Active
New Retiree
New Cobra
Benefit Class
Benefit Classifications
New Benefit Class
Benefit Class Setup
Change of Benefit Classifications
Terminate Current Benefit Class
Add Another Benefit Class
Removing Benefit Class
Status Changes
Terminate Current Status
Terminate Current Benefit Class
Create New Status
Create New Benefit Class
Coverage Changes
Add Coverage
Coordination of Benefits (COB)
Changing Coverages
Terminating Coverages
Covering Dependents
Dependents With Previous Coverages
Removing Coverages
Manual Coverage Changes
Adding Manual Benefits
Personal Information
Edit Personal Information
Dependent Records
Adding Dependent Records
Edit Dependent Information
Visible Dependent Records
Add Dependent Coverage
Edit Dependent Coverage
Terminate Dependent
Summary of Benefits
Pending Qualifying Events
Accessing Pending Qualifying Events
Submission Information
Reviewing Qualifying Event Submissions
Manual Approvals
Eligibility File Transmission
Transmitting Eligibility Files
Generated Files
Personnel Import Process
Processing Personnel Imports
Import Results
Processing Records
New Status
Benefit Class Setup
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Adding a New Job
Salary File
Error Log
Payroll Audit Process
Generating Discrepancy Report
Error Report
Payroll Code Validation
Discrepancy Results
Reviewing Discrepancies
Definition of Terms
Completing Payroll Audit
Manual Review
Reporting / Exporting
Accessing the Reporting or Exporting Page
Reports / Exports
Roster Reports
Beneficiaries Roster
COB Roster
Dependent Roster
Medical Roster
Changes Reports
Benefit Changes Report
Benefit Workshop FSA/HRA
Dependent Benefit Changes Report
Plan Changes
Census Reports
Full Population Census
Additional Reports / Exports
Benefits Eligibility
CareATC Report
Ceridian Export
Employment Terminations
Legal Shield
New Hires
No Dependents Covered
No SSN Report
OE Stats Report
PCORI Report
QE Coverages
Transitional Reinsurance Fee
W2 Premium Info Report
Administrative Permissions
"View Only"
Entity-Based Roles